Thursday, June 19, 2008

Zilla's first movie!

Well today Zilla and I went to see Kung Fu Panda with a friend and her 5 kids (yes I said 5) for a matinee showing. I wasn't feeling too hot but decided it would be fun plus I had a free ticket so why not. I figured that the odds where that my friends kids would act up (5 kids to my 1 kid) but gee I was WRONG. Zilla had no interest what so ever in either watching the movie or sitting still. Nope he ran around and climbed the steps and played with the seats and pushed my friends stroller around - pretty much anything but enjoying the movie. Luckily there were only 5 other people in the theater with us so it wasn't too big of a deal but I am still glad I didn't pay for it. My friends kids were all really good actually - 4 of them sat the whole time and the 4 year old was only up and running around because my crazy child wanted to play with her. Zilla was being a bad influence!

The movie was pretty funny - not buy it funny but funny considering it was free. Zilla did manage to let me stay until the movie was over with minimal screaming and whatnot. Overall it wasn't a horrible experience maybe next year he'll be ready to sit and watch a movie.

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