Saturday, June 21, 2008

My poor little man

Today Zilla got his very first busted lip. He's officially a man now..LOL. I was changing his diaper and well he was being difficult like normal. I got it on but because of his moving around it was kinda giving him a wedgie so I was fixing that when he decided to try to get away. Instead of actually making an escape he tripped over his own foot and proceeded to smack his face into one of his toys. He started crying right away and I saw blood - talk about making sure your heart is working! It was actually bleeding pretty bad so much so that I didn't know if it was his lip or in his mouth and duh it hurt so he didn't want me touching it. When the blood slowed I saw it was his lip - poor kid its a little swollen which is most likely because afterward he kept putting his lip in his mouth and sucking on it! Silly child.

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Sam said...

Oh poor kid! It's not nice to see that happen is it? My nephew Tom flew off the swing some time ago and really hit his lip - blood everywhere and lots of sobs, but he'd forgotten about it in a few days!!