Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Too much to do

I have SO much that I have to/want to get done before DaddyZilla gets home that it's very overwhelming. It also doesn't help my desire to get it all done that my darling son goes right behind me and jacks up anything I've actually accomplished!

The other day I was talking to my hubby on IM and had the webcam up. Well I had to move the laptop and he so lovingly proceeded to make several comments about the condition of the living room and the amount of stuff Zilla has. Um ok just wait until you get home - I'll let him pick up after Hurricane Zilla for a few days and he'll maybe understand that some days its just not worth bothering! It was VERY clean last week because I borrowed a friends carpet cleaner and did the majority of the house. It looked SO great - for about 12 hours until a little someone who will remain nameless woke up and destroyed it all again. It's a daily occurrence and well to be honest it gets old pretty quickly. I think he plots his destruction plans at night before bed - wouldn't surprise me at all.

I have about 21 things to check off my list before the homecoming - blah wish I had a maid oh and a nanny and a chief LOL.

ETA: Okay my smartypants friend pointed out that I said I wanted a chief instead of a chef. Well to tell you the truth I'd take both the chef could cook and the chief could take care of any dirty work I need taken care of LOL.

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Bri said...

A chief or a chef? Anytime you need a sitter just drop the monster off over here! You know that...