Friday, June 6, 2008

Holy Schnikies Batman

I think there may be pigs flying around somewhere in Georgia! My son, the same one who has been beyond picky when it comes to food for about 6 months now, friggin ate GREEN BEANS!!!!!

Yes you read that correctly Zilla ate some green beans - on his own without any word from me at all! This child hasn't had any desire to eat green beans - well ever. As a baby he spit the baby food out and had no inclination to eat the real things since. I personally love me some green beans but he wouldn't touch them. He hasn't eaten hardly any veggies at all (well i have got some in on him) for several months. He doesn't really eat tons of meat either - minus chicken nuggets and charlies sub's turkey - and he was anti-veggies. I had come to refer to him as a fruit-itarian, kinda like a vegetarian minus the veggies LOL. The kid could and would live on bananas, yogurt, cheese, grapes and chicken nuggets if I let him. So the green beans are a great step in the right direction!!!!!

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