Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I'm King of the Car Seats!!!

We recently determined that Zilla was outgrowing his previous car seat. He had a Graco Comfortsport which I just loved but it had a low (40 lb) limit and the harness height was pretty low too so Zilla has outgrown it by height already before 2 years old! So I began my search for a new car seat and I found the king of all car seats - the Britax Regent! It has an 80lb limit and tall harness slots so Zilla will be able to stay harnessed and therefore safe for a very long time. To add to the greatness I totally got a rockin deal on it! Thats the way I like my baby - safe! Here is Zilla chilling in his new seat before I installed it in the car. He didn't even want to get out once he got in - he started crying to sit in it longer! He's a silly kid but he seems to really like it so we are both happy!

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