Thursday, April 2, 2015

Light it Up Blue!!!

Today, April 2, 2015, is World Autism Day which is the kickoff for Autism Awareness Month. Just like Breast Cancer paints the town pink in October Autism likes to light up April with BLUE. As anyone (or the only one lol) reading my blog knows Autism touches my life everyday, just like it touches millions of others all over the world. Zilla and I are wearing blue today (I'm even sporting some blue tips in my hair!) and so are plenty of our friends and family to show support.

I've seen in many places (blogs and articles) that blast the whole "Awareness" message that gets sent out for Autism and really any of the others. These people feel like this is just a ploy for companies to sell merchandise and exploit this cause because really who isn't "Aware" of Autism or Breast Cancer. I personally don't agree these people no matter how well meaning they are. In my opinion the purpose of having an "Awareness" month is as much to spread the word as it is to show support for the individuals and families that are affected by that cause. You'd have to be living under a rock to not know what Autism is but when I see people wearing blue in April, sporting a pin or piece of clothing  or just posting something about it for others to see I feel nothing but gratitude. Many of the people who will show support this month will have no clue at all what families affected by Autism really go through on a daily basis but why should I be upset by that? Just the fact that they are acknowledging my struggles IS important. So many things get brushed aside in our fast paced world but if for even that brief moment they take time out to show me and my son support I'm not going to thumb my nose at them.

So LIGHT IT UP BLUE during April!!

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