Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday Reads

Well who knows if anyone even reads this post but for anyone who does here are some worth reading:

Ready Made Family After meeting twin bronze haired little boys Bella is forced to come to terms with her past. Can she accept & forgive her past & see what's in front of her to seal her fate. . . This story was really cute - I just loved the twins they were just too darn adorable! I enjoyed it but wasn't super impressed with the last few chapters it just seemed like maybe she wanted to just kind of wrap it up but over all it's worth reading.

Second Chance Bella's unhappy with her life of the last 6yrs. Can she find the happiness she craves after leaving it all behind her? Bella decides after getting out of a lacking relationship to have a nice nite with a gorgeous stranger only to see him again. They both have pasts that come back to bite them and have to work through them in order to be happy. This will totally appeal to anyone who has a crazy ex - and who doesn't? lol

Intersection  Bella Swan wants a fresh start in a new town, and a chance encounter with Edward Cullen turns into something meaningful when their lives begin to intersect. Will a past connection and inexplicable bond be enough to heal the wounds that both are hiding? This story has tons of twists and turns but certainly has a HEA. Fate has brought them back together after a long time to help heal each other. Real cute story.

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