Monday, May 3, 2010

Wow he's so modest...

Or not! I was sitting with Zilla on the couch all cuddled up watching Toy Story 2 - just a wonderful little Kodak moment. The moment however was totally stolen from me when Zilla turned his cute little innocent face to me and said "Mama I'm so smart" - he is SO modest I swear haha. I mean not that I'm saying I don't agree with him cause well he is pretty darn smart but um all I could think was geez conceded much? lol not that I said that I just told him yep that's what I thought to and we went on with our Kodak moment. I guess this is better than him selling himself short but still.

He's also started picking up a few phrases that I hope he keeps in the house only like: "Bust Off" and "Get Outta My Face"  - I just don't think that his teachers or peers would appreciate them haha.

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