Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Day at the park!

Wow Zilla sure knows how to make everyone smile when he wants to! I took him to the park so that he could "dig in the dirt" and he had a blast!! He was running around talking to just anyone, I swear that kids never met a stranger, and he was inviting everyone to play. He even shared with a little boy - without even being asked!! He also has a cute little habit of introducing himself (quite formally) to everyone as well - he says "hello my name is zilla" and then usually asks them to come play. Anyway he was running around with one little girl in particular and he ran over to me with her and said (to me) "hi my name is zilla...this is um..." cause he didn't know her name so I told him to ask and when she said her name he then proceeded to introduce her to me and they ran off. The little's girl mom was sitting close and she was just laughing like crazy and couldn't believe how cute he was being. He even introduces himself to the characters on tv if they say their name! He was loving all the interaction so I'm hoping that this will bode well for daycare and then soon after pre-school since that will be coming up soon.

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Anonymous said...

awww...he must take after his aunt mel :)