Sunday, July 18, 2010

Crazy Ghetto Pavilion Stealing People

Yesterday was the day that we celebrated Zilla's 4th Birthday by having a great party at the park/splash pad. Or well at least that was the plan. I decided in June that Zilla would totally dig having his party at the splash pad (which he did) so I called and rented (and paid for) a pavilion then told everyone and started planning this super awesome day - that never actually happened because the Universe apparently decided to mess with me this week. I'll start at the beginning - Friday I was gonna make the cake and cupcakes but that ended up being a mess in which I will never work with Fondant again and I'm not 100% sure I'll make any more cakes ever again. I went to bed kinda hoping that it would rain and the party would be cancelled - it was just a crappy day that apparently decided to continue on to Sat. So Saturday I left at 12pm (the party was for 2) to go get my 10 balloons blown up an hour later - yep Party City was just hopping - we got some Chick-Fil-A and went to pick up the cake and head over to the park. I got to the park a few minutes early and found people in my pavilion so I informed them very politely that I had rented it, thinking that they just made a mistake cause it happens, but I didn't get a polite response back. The lady at MY pavilion rudely told me "No this is my pavilion and I'm not moving" - so I'm standing there with Zilla and a ton of balloons with some hijacker in my pavilion I was really ticked off cause she was being a bitch to me and I was already in a bad mood. The park people got involved telling her I was on the paper and she told them "You double booked it because I paid for it two weeks ago so that's your problem not mine" - that was her anthem. They eventually (at about 2:40)  told her they had no paper work on her so then she offered me two of the tables - how nice right since I rented the whole thing! The park guy was really trying to get it all figured out for us but this lady was just crazy because she kept insisting that she had rented it and wasn't going to ruin her son's birthday party – apparently MY son's party meant nothing. They moved us to a pavilion that opened up and we got everything unloaded and set up even though by this point the whole party atmosphere was completely ruined because it wasn't just me that was ticked off it was my whole family – the only one that didn't have a clue was Zilla! She actually had the nerve to say “Oh so you were supposed to be somewhere else” when they moved us! I wanted to punch her in her stupid face but I didn't cause there were kids present. The City Parks Superintendent showed up and apparently decided that it would just be better to let the lady have her way than calling the cops (cause trust me she wasn't gonna leave on her own). The pavilion that they moved us to had people coming at 4pm (my party was booked until 5pm) so when they got there at 4:30 we packed up and all the while the whore who stole my damn pavilion continued on with her party. It turns out she rented the pavilion but for another day NOT the 17th and just 'made a mistake' – did I get an apology from her? Hell no I didn't the only person that apologized was the Parks Manager! I will be getting a refund but in my opinion that's the least they should have done for me considering my party ended up going from 3 hours to barely over one. I know it's not the parks fault some crazy bitch came that day and Zilla had a great time and I know that's whats important but she still ruined my guests and my day. I know that mistakes happen and I probably would have been semi understanding if she hadn't been a total and utter bitch the whole time.
That was the condensed tale (trust me there was more) of the crazy ass lady that managed to jack up my babies birthday party! I'll post pictures when I get them loaded.

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