Saturday, July 24, 2010

Family Trip

Yesterday Zilla and I along with Mena and my Aunt started our fun journey up to Atlanta, GA for a family reunion of sorts. I had to wake up at 5:30am and once we finally left and started out for the almost 8 hour trip I was in much need of coffee. After we stopped off at Dunkin Donuts, cause everyone runs on Dunkin, we played a word game while Zilla watched a movie and played his leapster. I just have to say that my family is just crazy because the words we were coming up with were just nuts. We finally made it up here in the evening and got settled in. I managed to get some school work done since this is my finals week. Today we went around to some yard sales and goodwill where I found an almost brand new Thomas the Train lamp for only $3.50!!!!! Zilla occupied himself for half of the day with Thomas videos on uTube that were linked from his favorite website - he can even tell you the name of the site! We had a good time this morning and I'll post again tomorrow with more adventures from the greater Atlanta area. Nighty Night Night!

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