Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Classes and Update on the Crazies

First the update on my call regarding the crazy pavilion stealing lady: I called and was first told that "they don't really offer refunds unless it rains out" , "well we can give you a pavilion for another day if you want" and "well you did have your party" as well as "the people you talked to didn't have the authority to offer you a refund"- I didn't think I could get any more ticked off about the situation but I was wrong. After explaining that I didn't get what I paid for she finally said that I "should" get a refund but it will more than likely take two weeks or more! Yeah I'm calling again on Friday and then next week I'll be going down for my refund in cash and they better be super apologetic. Oh and the lady also said that through all of that ordeal on Saturday apparently no one got the crazy lady's name so they don't know who she even is!!! So if your in the Central Florida area - DO NOT deal with Sanford Parks and Recreation because they are MORONS!!!!!!

Okay on to other crap before I get my blood boiling again. I'm almost done with my degree (again lol) only two more classes and then I'll be the super proud owner of two shiny boring business degrees!!! I'm currently taking two super exciting *I don't know if you can read the sarcasm in that but it's there* accounting classes and I found out that my last two don't have to be accounting or business related so I'm flying high on that news!! More than likely one will be boring accounting but I'm looking for something else that actually interests me and instead I'm finding that there are A LOT of odd classes offered that I wouldn't ever think about like: Strategies for Success in College (um it's called do the work and pay tuition!), Chemistry (how do you take science classes like that online?), Organized Crime (does it teach how to spot them or how to start them?), and E-Marketing (I guess it makes sense but I just never thought a whole class would be dedicated to it). I also never realized how many History and Religion classes their were. I have narrowed it down to a few: Fund and Government Accounting (I know its gonna be boring but I wanna work for the Govt so it will be ok), Personal Financial Planning (I'm not sure if I've actually already taken this though so I'll have to check that) and Digital Imaging (I would have to buy photoshop for it though and thats crazy expensive so we'll see. Everything else just seemed boring or I would need pre-reqs that I don't have. I'll need to decide soon though so I can order my book in time for the class to start. I can't wait to be done with school  because my brain is done with being a student! Ok thats ok for tonight peeps. Deuces

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