Wednesday, July 21, 2010

New Layout for my New Mood

I liked my previous blog layout made by The Cutest Blog on the Block but they said something about it expiring this week so I needed to go search for a new free blog layout and I found Dotty Dot Dot. She's got lots of pretty blog layouts but I wasn't really interested in a "pretty" one I needed something a little darker for my darker mood lately. This whole divorce thing is really kicking my butt. Don't get me wrong I have ZERO ideas of "fixing" my marriage because it's totally over and I'm more than cool with that but just the whole divorce thing sucks. Divorce means lots of headaches and money spent that I'd just rather not deal with. I finally found myself a lawyer I think I'll like - I'm meeting her on Monday lets hope we mesh and she won't be charging me my next born child - or well maybe that would be good since I probably won't be having any more LOL. It's just really a PITA but not much I can do about it since my soon to be ex has found "the one" and would like to get rid of "not the one" aka me haha. Wow this is coming out like I'm bitter but I'm not I swear I'm just not looking forward to all the things I didn't want for myself aka being a single mom and the majority parent (baby daddy is military so thats the nature of the beast). I just never wanted that (I know, I know who does but still) for myself or my BabyZilla. It doesn't help my mood that finding a job in this economy SUCKS. Here's hoping the second half of 2010 is better than the first.

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