Saturday, March 29, 2008

Blah Yard Sale

Ok so in our town apparently the newspaper holds a yard sale each year in their parking lot. It's like $30 to rent a space to sell in (which turns out is only the size of a parking space - can we say rip off?) and you have to pay $1 to get into the thing to buy stuff. Well I hurried down there hoping for some good finds and wow it was packed. When we got there the guy told us there was "plenty of parking behind the building" well by that he meant there was a one lane little sidewalk that we could drive on to park in the grass behind the building. Oh did I mention that it had NO outlet so you'd have to turn yourself around and drive the same way people were coming in to leave - nice planning huh? So I park and walk up - well I didn't know that you had to pay to get in because that wasn't advirtised -the paper was raking in some serious cash on this deal!

Well I'm walking around and I have to say there was a lot of stuff there and if I was interested in filling my house up with crap I'd have been in Heaven! I, however, wasn't really looking for knick knacky type things so I ended up only coming home with one thing, a older style sit n spin I stole for 50cents! If I had a little girl I also would have been in good shape as there was tons of girl stuff there. It wasn't a bad experience even though there was some people who forgot it was a yard sale - like this lady who had some kid clothes for sale. I picked up a pair of khaki's that had a pen stain on them (i thought I *might* be able to get it out) and she wanted a dollar for them! To me thats crazy and I promptly put them down. There were also people there who were selling (full price) or promoting their businesses - um people I get it but this is a YARD SALE. Oh well for this town I guess I shouldn't have expected any different.

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