Sunday, March 30, 2008

Earth Hour

Ok well last night was the offical "Eart Hour" around the world at 8pm people around the globe turned off thier lights, computers and such in an effort to save electricity. Well last night I mostly participated in this for one hour. I say mostly because I put Zilla to bed right before 8pm and I did leave on his cd player and a night light - but that was an improvement from the lamp thats usually on so not too bad. I opened my door to let in the street light and lit some candles to read a book. I actually enjoyed the queit time and it was rather relaxing. I did turn the tv on when it was over but it was either that or go to bed at 9pm and if I did that I'd be up at 4am or something so I vegged out for a while before bedtime. Well I'm glad that I helped a little to reduce the electricity used in my city even if it was only for an hour. Go me!!!

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Bri said...

I fully planned on participating but didnt remember until 915, oops! LoL