Tuesday, April 1, 2008

My Poor Baby

Ugh this morning Zilla wasn't really wanting anything to eat so I managed to get about 5 bites of yogurt into him. Well then it was Dora and Diego time so I laid on the couch and he laid with me and almost fell asleep!!! Thats so not like him but I'm thinking maybe he was just tired so I got him up and went to go lay him down. We made it into his room when he proceeded to throw up on me. Well just a little 411 I'm NOT a throw up person - blah the thought, sight, sound or smell of it makes me want to hurl. This is the first time he's ever thrown up so the poor little guy just had this look of WTH is going on. I felt so bad for him and this is probably the only thing that kept me from gaging. So we got all cleaned up and I took his temp -99.7- not too bad so I laid him on the couch to watch Wonder Pets while I cleaned the floor up. He actually fell asleep laying there - SO totally not like him.

He woke up about 40 minutes later and I managed to get some water and about 1/2 a banana in him - he didn't want the toast I offered. I guess he doesn't realize that mommy knows what shes talking about and the toast would make him feel better than the banana, then again this isn't the first time he'll not go with my advice so I better get used to it. He laid on me a while longer and is now napping in his crib. He isn't really acting sick so I don't know if this is because of the THREE stupid eye teeth slowly creeping into his little mouth or what. I'm gonna keep an eye on him to see how he's doing later.

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