Saturday, April 5, 2008

Stupid 10% my butt!

Ok some friends and I were going to do a yard sale today. Well I got over there and we start setting up and it looks like it's gonna be a money making kind of day. Well except for the crazy lady stalking my friends house at 6:30am waiting for us to set up for our 8am yard sale - some people are crackheads! Anyway we were getting some decent cusotmers and then wow the sky began to look rough but it said it was only a 10% chance of rain so we ignore it. Well HAHA 10% my rearend it began to drizzle but thats no biggie until it starts to really rain and look horrible in the skies. So we are packing up to come home when this car pulls up and it had an older couple in it. Well at least one of them could see cause he was driving the car but they asked the dumbest question "um wheres the yard sale" - hello can you not see we are packing up?! - so I told her we're packing up cause the rain and she actually looked at me in shock like she couldn't beleive that we didn't want to let our stuff get ruined so that she could spend her probably 50cents there. She might not have even spent that considering the amount of kid stuff we had!

I did sell hubbys Xbox that had been gathering dust in our house forever so that was nice. I raked in like $74 (including said xbox and games) so I didn't do to bad for a couple hours even though now I have to put all that crap back in my garage. grrrrr

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