Thursday, April 17, 2008

Moms Night Out

Last night my playgroup had a moms night out so considering it was a Wed night and our town isn't exactly rockin we went to Starbucks in the Mall! A friend's sister bravely watched 6 kids for the night while we went out - more about her later. So we got there and being without any kids what do we do.....We went to stinking gymboree! Why can't moms have a good time without thinking about or doing anything for their kids? Anyway while one of the ladies was spending WAY to much on clothes another friend and I went into this off the wall store that sells a little bit of everything looking for a b-day gift. As we were walking around the clerk was a little too helpful if you get my drift. He kept walking back over to us and complimenting us on things - it was a little odd but he was being nice and we found the gift so it worked out.

Once we got to starbucks and ordered we walked over to Barnes and Noble to sit down and talk. We found some comfy chairs that were in a little circle so the four of us could see each other. It was all going well until one of the ladies got up to go look at a book. Well all the sudden this old lady walks over and just sits down in her chair. Kinda weird considering we were obviously a group and talking. No biggie if she was just gonna sit down to look at her book and ignore us but that is NOT what this old biddy did! She was actively listening to what we were saying and not even trying to hide it!!!!! If I was talking she would look and me and so on - thank the Lord she didn't try to join in the conversation because I might had to have told her how rude she was being. It was very awkward but we didn't hold back or anything - she must have liked all the crazy stuff we were talking about! We also encountered several other eves droppers including a lesbian who was listening to us while checking out the latest copy of Maxium. Some of the other people who enjoyed our brand of entertainment were a couple, a guy who worked there and some other random guys.

It was a fun night at Barnes and Noble thats for sure. So thanks again ladies for coming and keeping me company!

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