Thursday, April 17, 2008

After MNO

After we left Barnes and Noble my friend and I decided that we wanted a milkshake so we drive over to Arby's. Well ordering was interesting cause I'm not really sure the lady on the other end of the squawk box was playing with a full deck but we eventually got our food. As we were pulling out my friends sister calls and says she wants something but this parking lot doesn't loop around so instead of going out and turning back in I decided to back up through the parking lot to order again. Well no sooner had I got turned around the right way and begun to order do we hear screaming and see a cop car race into the parking lot. The cops were chasing some guy and lets just say he did NOT want to be taken. I think there was a wall cause he stopped running but when they were telling him to get down he kept yelling "no" and had his arms folded. This was all in vein -duh - cause they eventually got him in cuffs and in the car. It was a fun scene at Arby's thats for sure!

When we got back to her house it was like 11pm and her sister was there. Can I just say that her sister is just too damn funny! We chatted for a long time and she had me cracking up! It also made me a little sad cause damn it made me feel old listening to her talk about drunken nights and stuff like that! Guess thats what marriage and kids will do to you though!

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