Monday, April 7, 2008

Feeling Goodish

Well I thought for sure that I would be sore after my first day doing the C25K but I wasn't. So I got up and went to the gym as I normally do but I think I may have over extended my shoulder or something cause it's kinda feeling blah today. Gosh I'm getting old - I need a new body!

My throat was not feeling near as great as I was today. It had been hurting since Sat evening and today when I woke up it felt like it was only the size of a dime when I tried to swallow. So finally this evening I made myself go to urgent care 'just in case' it was strep cause I certainly wouldn't want to give anything to Zilla. The doctor was super nice and was trying to talk to Zilla but he wouldn't have any of it and gave the doc the evil eye the whole time. I mean geez the guy even tried to blow up a rubber glove for him but got no Anyway, apparently I have just a sore throat - wow sure am glad that I went in for that! I knew that would happen though I told myself that if I went it would be nothing and if I didn't then I would pass strep to everyone I knew. Thats just the way my luck works I guess. Oh well better to have nothing than something right? I am annoyed though cause he have me 2 rx's, one for 800mg motrin (yeah I can always use that with my old body and all) and then another one I didn't know what it was for. So after I picked them up from Walgreens (took an HOUR to fill - wasn't even 50 pills but it took an hour) I looked at the other one online and gee what did I just have filled and paid for? A prescription for coughing oh whats the biggie you ask? Well I told the I WASN"T coughing as in I had no cough so WTH was this medicine for? Waste of my money but I'll keep it around the house for the next time I get sick cause you know old people get sick a lot!

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