Friday, April 4, 2008

Funny T-Shirts

Last night I was looking at Army Wife t-shirts on CafePress (you should check them out they have some funny crap) and found a few that I'll chare with you - I know your excited!!

I thought this one totally expressed the Army Way of life: "Hurry up & Wait - A military wifes way of life" Then I really liked: I'm a b*tch becuase my husband is deployed...whats your excuse?" and "Advice from an Army Wife: 1.Buy Big girl panties 2. Put them on so you can deal with a lot of @#*$" I also think I'm gonna get Zilla the one that says " Army: I'm here to pick up my Daddy" for homecoming day!!! They also had several that were a little on the sexual side like: "Army wife: PT starts with ME!" and "sexually deprived for your freedom" plus several others that I just thought were just WRONG to wear around kids! Come on people no need to advirtise what your gonna do when they get home - I'm sure we can all guess ok?

There were also some really cute ones relating to excersize and what not - they have a crap load of designs - I didn't even make it through half of any of the sections I looked in - just too much to look at.

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