Monday, April 21, 2008

C25K Week 2 Day 1

Okay today was Week 2 Day 1 on the Couch 2 5K program. I have to say that although I smell like a nasty sweaty guy I feel good! I really like this program and I'm looking forward to running on the treadmill like all the other cool people at the gym.

I do have to say I feel kinda stupid walking then running then walking - kinda like people are talking about how dumb I look. Now don't get me wrong I don't really think that people are actually looking at me or thinking I'm dumb. *However* the reason I think this way is because I'm one of those jerky people who look at others around me all the time and if they look dumb I notice. In fact if they look dumb and I'm with my friends I will probably comment on it. That being said I assume that there are others like me (not as good but similar) and that perpetuates the feelings that people are staring. Not that I'm gonna let that stop me cause I'm on a mission no matter how dumb I look.

Oh I mention to the hubby that I was thinking about doing the annual charity bridge run with some friends later this year. I told him he could cheer me on - I'd eve get him pompoms if he wanted. What do you think my wonderful husband said in response? Do you think he was supportive and told me how great that would be and how he thought I'd do great? HELL NO he told me he'd bring me a wheelchair! Thanks hunny I appreciate your support. He followed up (cause he knew I was gonna jump on this comment) that it was a very steep bridge - and he's right - but damn can't you at least pretend to think I'll do good? Dang I'm not even thinking I'll run the whole thing - it's a Run, Walk or Crawl type of deal anyway - so what he doesn't even think I could crawl up the bridge? Thats just wrong in my opinion. After all he's done that bridge run, granted his was mandatory via the Army, but still if he can do it so can I. Oh well I will prove him wrong!

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