Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A New Day

Ok yesterday was a total bust for my poor sweet little man. He felt horrible all day long and really only wanted to snuggle with Mommy. He pretty much didn't want anything to eat anything either, I think all he had all day was a banana and 1 fig newton, the yogurt and milk got thrown up - yuck. I attempted to give him a bath to help keep his tiny fever (it never went above 99.6) at bay and you would have thought I was trying to kill the boy. I got him to get on his knees in the tub and when I tried to rub him down with a cool washcloth he began to scream like he was bathing in battery acid or something! I did manage to wipe his body off then I had to take him out as he was clutching me screaming his poor little head off. So then I gave him a grape Popsicle and he really liked it and asked for more so I got out an orange one - yeah not so much a fan of the orange. He took a couple pieces and then said "um no" when I offered more. Oh well I guess we can't all like all the flavors. Oh and don't worry everyone these were sugar free Popsicles so no I wasn't feeding my possibly sick kid sugar - even though I think this was related to an upset tummy and teething. After that bedtime it was and he went down without a fight.

Zilla seems to be back to himself this morning. Well aside from the whole "I'm getting up at 4am and there is nothing you can do about it except listen to me scream" part. I went in at 4 and rocked him for a little bit in an effort to put him back to sleep at 4:30. Well that lasted until I got back to my bed so he screamed until I couldn't take it anymore at 5:40am. For all who don't know, I'm not only NOT a puke person but I'm certainly not a morning person - in fact I would say that I'm not even really a person before 6am. So my rule is that unless wyatt is sick or really just totally upset and needing his mommy he stays in his bed until 6 no matter really what time he wakes up. Sorry I know that may sound cruel to some but well I'm not a good mommy before 6 so I'm really doing it for wyatt not me - really. Well today was an exception because he wasn't feeling well yesterday so we came out before 6am - blah. He then proceeding to ask for GO (diego for those that don't know about his obsession) and run around. So I guess he's good now.

Stupid Teeth!

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