Monday, April 21, 2008

YAY for nice people!!!

I frequent a few boards on BabyCenter and on one of the boards some ladies started a ISO Lovies thread where you could post your kids Lovie if you either lost theres (God Forbid) or just wanted a back-up. Well Zilla is VERY attached to a blue stuffed elephant that (of course) is no longer made. So I posted thinking that it would be nice to get a back-up for his back-up that we already have. He doesn't leave his crib without his "baby" in the morning and he has to sleep with it so it can't hurt to have extras people.

So anyway a wonderful lady named Jane e-mailed and she has one that her son is not attached to so she was gonna do a random act of kindness and mail it to me for free! Let me mention that these bad boys can (and do) go for $30-$50 on e-bay - jerks - so her just offering it is super duper cool. So I just wanted to say thank you again to Jane and all nice people like her.

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