Monday, April 21, 2008

I hate stupid people!

I've been posting some things on craigslist recently to get them out of my garage and normally this is a pleasant experience. This weekend must have been a full moon or something because the stupid people were running rampant! I had a lady interested in a toy box I was selling - she said she REALLY wanted it. Well thats great so she said she'd stop by Sat around lunchtime which worked for me cause I was gonna go out to Target after nap so it would be awesome timing. Or not cause she e-mailed around 1:30 to say she got a late start and would be there about 2-3pm - ok thats fine no biggie. Well she never showed - talk about annoyed but she e-mailed saying her kid threw up in her car and she had to go home - ok thats understandable I wouldn't ride around with puke in my car either. So she says she's gonna come Sun along with a lady to pick up a ride on train I have for sale to. GREAT getting rid of two things in the same day would be super good. Well it would have been if either of them bit*hes had showed up! I called the one and she said "oh I'll be there in about an hour" yeah ok well I STILL haven't heard back and that was about 20 hours ago! Then I e-mailed the other lady in the evening *nicely* asking if she was still interested and if so let me know. Well that f-ing B proceeds to get rude with me and says "well the days not over but no I'm not interested" WTF?!?!?!

OMFG people if your not interested can you just please use common courtesy and just say so instead of making people wait around when your never gonna show up! I didn't' get any of my errands done because of these stupid witches!

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