Sunday, April 13, 2008

Party Time

Yesterday we went to a friends little boys joint birthday party. He boys are turning 9 & 3 and it was an awesome transformer themed party. It started and 12pm but we got there a little early and Zilla was pretty good until almost 1pm considering that he normally naps about 11:30 everyday. Well right at about 1 he proceeded to erupt with toddler meltdown so I stuck him in one of the bedrooms hoping he would nap. I wasn't really optimistic that he would because her youngest is in a twin bed and Zilla is still attached to his crib but low and behold after some screaming he pretty much just fell over and went to sleep on the floor! It was cute when I peeked in to check on him.

Zilla missed pretty much all of the actual party and woke up right around cake time - smart kid! The games were hilarious though! We had about six kids playing and one of the games they had to do a race where they put sugar cubes on spoons and carry them from the main bowl to their decepticon or Autobots bowl. Don't worry that wasn't the funny part although kids ranging from 3 to 11 doing this was funny but the hilarious part was the "adults" who were helping "their" team by cheating! They were taking cubes when the kids were distracted and moving them into the other bowl. It was getting out of hand at one point because they started taking them from the big bowl until finally another "adult" at the party took both tainted bowls and dumped them back into the big bowl. I have no clue if any of that made sense but it was funny as crap to watch these grown men act worse than children!!! They were also spinning the bigger kids like crazy (like think picking them up and actually spinning them) before the pinata and the other game. The kids were so dizzy that they could barely stand let along hit the moving pinata - blind folded I might add! I think the so called adults had just as much if not more fun than all the kids!

After Zilla woke up and scarfed down some cake he pretty much just ran around everywhere for the rest of the day. All in all it was a great party and I'm glad we went - those boys are like family to us and we wouldn't have missed it for the world!

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