Friday, April 4, 2008

TGIF - well sorta

Thank Goodness it's Friday people! Today was a good day - Zilla actually slept in until 7am and then we got ready to get out of the house. I went to the gym today and Zilla was in the daycare area. I did a nice 45 min on the elliptical and then some arms and abs and felt great. When I picked up zilla I foudn that he drew me 2 wonderful pictures which he later ripped off the fridge and peed on one of them but oh well they were beautiful!! I guess I'll mail daddy the non-pee picture and when the other one drys if it doesn't stink I'll hang back up.

Tonight I babysat for my friend while she went to her older kids soccar game. She has 5 kids - wow is all I can say - I don't know how she does it because Zilla drives me batty and he's just one kid. So I totally give her props for handling it all while her hubby is deployed and not going insane and killing all the children. So anyway back to my story...I was watching the 3 little ones for her tonight. They were actually all really well behaved except Zilla was being a little bit anti-social until Dora came on - the universal kid magnet - then they all watched together QUIETLY!!! I did have one really funny moment though - I had to put the oldest in time out cause she pushed her little sister. So she was laying on my kitchen floor crying until all the sudden it wasn't tears I heard but instead I heard her making out with my tile floor! I swear she was totally kissing it and I just had to laugh it was so funny. Kids do the funniest stuff!

Tomorrow is the yard sale so after the kiddos went home and I put Zilla into bed I had to go and load up my car (cause we are having it at a friends house) and yeah that wasn't fun. Dude I have WAY too much stuff. People need to buy it tomorrow cuase I'm tired of lugging it around and having it in my house. I'm thinking loading all that stuff plus the gym = 1 sore back!

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