Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Zoo

Yesterday we traveled down to the Jacksonville Zoo with our playgroup to have a fun day at the Zoo since we don't have one in our town. Well Zilla slept like 30 whole minutes on the way down there and that was pretty much that in the way of naps for the day! Over all we had a great day despite the fact that the Zoo was hosting about a million kids that day for a field trip! It wasn't too hot cause it was overcast so we didn't die of heat like last year. The kids had a great time looking at all the animals and running around. Zilla liked the running around more than the animals but oh well he was rather well behaved so thats whats important.

After the Zoo we traveled to Babies R Us (I know you can take the moms to another town but you can't take the mom out of us!) mainly because we don't have one in our town either. Noticing a pattern here? Thats right our town SUCKS!! Anyway I wanted to check out a car seat that I plan on buying for Zilla since he's out growing his current seat by height. So we walked around and had a good time looking at all the cool stuff we don't get to normally see. I saw a cute crib set with helicopters on it and I have to say IF it had Chinooks on it I would have bought it but it didn't - they NEVER have the cool helicopters on stuff!!! Then we ate, by we I mean my friend and I cause the kids decided to not eat the food we got for them - turds. We got home just in time for a little snuggle and bedtime!

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