Tuesday, April 29, 2008

He's growing up SO fast!

This morning while I was washing up some dishes Zilla climbed into the kitchen chair (a battle we fight everyday) to play with my laptop. Well I walked over to get him down, which he was not happy about, so he grabbed one of the 4 binkies (that he doesn't use anymore - they are awaiting a new home). He likes to take one suck on it take another try it out and so on until he gets a taste of each one then he goes on about his way. Well I asked him to hand me the blue one and....he actually DID!!! I was impressed so I took a blue and a pink (hey don't give me crap they were out of blue and when you have no binkies you take what you can get!) in my hand and asked him to show me the blue. Well he wanted no part of me being in his face but I persisted cause thats just how I am. I pointed to the pink one and said "is this the blue?" and he looked at me then pointed to the blue and got a big smile on his face!!! Yeah he kinda knows his colors - at least one of them!!

Then while eating his oatmeal he did something else that impressed me. Normally when he's bringing the spoon to his mouth some (if not all) falls off the spoon. Well today when he was bringing it to his mouth he used his other hand to keep the oatmeal from falling!!! He also used one of his hands to keep his bowl from moving around when he was trying to scoop!!!

OMG he's growing up way too fast for me! It was just yesterday that he was not picking out colors and letting his oatmeal fall gracefully to the floor and today he's a full grown toddler!!!!!!

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