Saturday, March 29, 2008

We were SO close!!!

Well everyone we ALMOST made it a whole day without the tv being turned on. If you knew Zilla you would understand what a big deal that is. He is a tv toddler thats for sure. He didn't even give me too much grief about it today - I was suprised.

This morning we were rushing out the door because Zilla actually slept in til 7am and I wanted to go to a big yard sale (more about that later). So no tv this morning which is fine because on the weekends they mess with the Noggin and Nick schedules. When we got home we played around before naptime attempt #1. Well after hearing him yell & talk and eventually totally unplugging the moniter I went and got him to eat. After lunch we played and went down for naptime attempt #2 - this time it worked and we both took a nap.

In an attempt to keep the tv off I was going to go for a nice walk. I invited my friend and her gaggle of kids but they were still napping. So we got ready and left but didn't get far before I noticed that it looked like it wouldn't be long before it began to pour so we turned around. We played in the yard when said friend showed up with her gaggle plus some. Daisy the dog totally enjoyed having kids to run around with and then we came in because of the sand gnats. Well Zilla had played with his toys by now so at 5:30pm I caved and turned Diego on for him. Well we didn't do too bad though. Go us!!!!!!

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