Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter & my b-day

Well I am finally starting up my blog. I've been meaning to get this done but well I'm lazy but my friends have been giving me crap to start one already so here I am. I guess I'll start out with this past week in review.

Well this week was jam packed with fun stuff like my Florida trip, the Easter Party, my 26th Birthday and Easter. My trip to Florida wasn't nearly as bad as I was thinking it would be. Normally its quite stressful because traveling with a 1 1/2 year old and a dog who doesn't like road trips doesn't really get my heart racing if you kwim. I had a good time visiting with my family and my in-laws and came home with a car jam packed full of stuff for my munchkin. He did have some serious fun playing on my cousins big boy bike - hes now obsessed with any bike he sees! The day after we got back we had the Easter party where Zilla found the love of the egg hunt!! He was SOOOO excited once he figured out what to do. It didn't last long cause the 4 year olds really can grab some eggs (this will be the story of the week) but he did get several and was darn proud of what he got!

My 26th birthday was spent without hubby this year so I didn't really get wined or dined but thats okay I guess - I'll make him pay next year LOL. We went to the egg hunt in the morning since my b-day fell the day before Easter this year. I have to say that these people really didn't have this thing planned out very well. They had the kids 0-4 years old in the same area all hunting for the same eggs and there darn sure wasn't enough eggs for all the kids there. We had to line up along a fence and sit there just looking at all those wonderful plastic eggs just calling the kids names for what felt like forever before they let the hounds um I mean kids loose. Finally when they did Zilla raced over to a playground toy that held 5 precious eggs and so lovingly placed them in the bag i brought then he managed to get 1 more egg before it was all over. So the 3-4 minute hunt was all over and my son walked away with his 6 prize eggs. To bad he had zero clue that those 4 year olds already snatched them all up in about 30 seconds flat cause he kept looking for more - poor kid he was all excited. Oh well I guess next year he'll learn to be quicker if he wants more. I do have to say on a VERY good note that my friends 9 year old had noticed a kid in his egg hunt group who had fell and dropped his eggs (the other vulture kids took them all) and when he saw the kid crying cause he had no egg he gave the kid some eggs out of his own basket! Can we say BRAVO to his parents who obviously did a wonderful job raising such a caring kid!! I'm not biased or anything even though I love the kid like my own.

Easter 2008 was rather uneventful because well I left my stinking camera down in Florida. SO I decided to wait and "do" the easter basket on Monday when I'd be getting my camera back in the mail. Zilla is too young to notice that I mixed the days up so we are gonna roll with it for now. He will be super excited when he sees what Mommy got him though - he will be in Diego Heaven! Oh when Zilla woke up this morning he decided that he HAD to have his shoes on with no socks - he looked so cute running around in his jammies and shoes. We did go to a friends house for Easter dinner and it was YUMMY!!! Wyatt ate 2 rolls, broccoli and some black forest cheesecake. He's on a food strike and has become very picky but I guess at least the broccoli is a good thing. Oh well I know he won't be starving anytime soon so I'm cool with it.

Okay I guess thats it for now I'm sure I'll remember more but that will have to wait until another time!

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