Tuesday, May 20, 2008

We are back!!!!

We got back from Missouri yesterday afternoon. Zilla and I, along with my in-laws, went there for my nephews High School Graduation. The trip was um lets see how can I say this nicely - I'll call it interesting.

Zilla was sick and did NOT enjoy the plane rides there (nor did the other passengers who had to listen to him) so that was how it started and it didn't get much better. We have been working on sharing with Zilla and he demonstrated his new skills by sharing his cold with me - how nice right? We had some nap/schedule issues and some teenage meltdown problems and I didn't actually get to "see" the graduation because my turd of a son refused to nap before hand and had to be walked around the school the whole time! We did have a good time at the Zoo (which is free - how cool is that?), Grants Farm was very pretty, and I got to see the Arch and the Mississippi river!

Overall I just have to say that I'm REALLY glad that we are home and I NEVER again will travel by myself with a toddler!!!

I will post pictures when I get them all loaded!

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