Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Yesterday was eventful to say the least. My little Zilla was sick so needless to say we didn't have a fun day! The night before he didn't want to eat much, puked on the floor, had a low fever, and was just not acting like himself. So when he woke up at 4AM (WTH!?!?!? not a morning person here people) I just knew he was really sick. He had a fever of 103.6 pretty much all day so he was loaded with tylenol and mortin all day. So he kinda just laid around and if he wasn't laying down he was walking around like a zombie! He didn't want to eat so I took him to Publix to get some bananas, yogurt and grapes - the things I knew he would eat. At Publix he proceeded to blowout poo on the floor and his clothes! That was a fun clean up - or not. Back at home he was watching his beloved Diego and he fell asleep on the floor at 4:30PM! I put him back in his bed about 5 something and he slept until 6 this morning!

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