Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunday Reads!!

I'm not even sure if anyone ever even reads this post or the stories I include in them. Hmm I guess I'd like to know if anyone actually does - not that it would stop me from posting them but it would be nice to know. Either way I'll keep posting them (mainly for Anna - I'm sure they have internet upstairs).  These are all somewhat rated M but the I Love College story is certainly not for the faint of heart I mean come on it does have 'college' students and how many of them are straight arrows? Enjoy

In My Place - When Bella meets Edward,he is instantly hers...but not fully. Edward is already taken but it doesn't keep him from his desire to keep Bella for himself. All is revealed and their love is damaged, but he fights to get it back.  It's been awhile since I've read this but I do remember that it was filled with all kinds of drama and kinda makes Edward a real big jerk - well at least in the beginning. Gotta love it when guys (or girls even) try to do things that they think are the "right" things to do but as it turns out wow what a surprise they really didn't know anything at all!! He hurts Bella but then he really does try to make it up to her. Finding your true love when your already attached really sucks.

I Love College -  Edward is a rich frat boy, used to getting anything or anyone he wants. Bella is a witty tease, rooming with Alice, Rosalie and Gabe. Bella proves to be the ultimate challenge. This story was SOOOO funny. Edward thinks that the world revolves around his pretty little head until he runs into Bella who makes it her mission to show him that it doesn't and to make his world revolve around her!

Two Stepping - Bella is a reporter sent to interview Jasper, a champion horse trainer. She meets Edward who is a horse breeder and a British Duke. Can Edward get over his aversion to the press to give her a chance? Can Bella learn to trust in him when things get crazy? Throw in a crazy Alice, Emmett and a snotty Royal Rose and lots of fun ensues! This story was just great. I really wish she'd do a sequel because the characters were just wonderful. Gotta love the image of an Edward with a nice British accent and a nice big estate in England!

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