Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday Morning Reads

It's Sunday again and well here are some stories for you all to enjoy!

Passing By - It was written law in Revolutionary France, "Should a man be convicted of a crime and sentenced to hang, he may be saved by a virtuous maiden who agrees to marry him."  This story was interesting. Set in 1852 Bella is walking in the town square and decides to save Edward the only way she can. The two of them are in this journey of trying to live together and get along but somewhere along the way could they actually begin to feel something?

The Next Door Neighbors - B&E were high school sweethearts.Separated for college.5yrs later they are neighbors and both married to other people.Can they stay away from each other? I really liked this story because who couldn't sympathize with finding your one true love later in life and wanting things to be different so that they can be better.

Okay that's all for today peeps because I still need to love up on my new family member before we have to head home. So deuces!!

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