Tuesday, April 27, 2010

For The Love of Veggies

Zilla has developed a new found love of all things Veggie Tales!! I've tried introducing him to the lovely land of Bob and Larry but he never really took to it so I gave up. Just goes to show me that kids only get interested in stuff when you give up on the idea! Anyway he now LOVES him some talking veggies - only the talking kind though he's still not into the edible ones. LOL He calls it "Big Idea" - thats the company that produces the shows - and now sings the songs constantly! His favorite is the opening song but he does still enjoy the hairbrush song, the busy song and the where is my stapler song. I don't really mind watching these over and over though because they are sending out good messages that are hopefully seeping into his brain and taking root - I gotta home right? He cracks me up singing all of these. I need to get him on video belting out the tunes - when I get it I'll be sure to post so that you can all enjoy it as well.

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