Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday Reads

Here are a few new Reads for you all to enjoy!

Two Stepping Bella is a reporter sent to interview Jasper, a champion horse trainer. She meets Edward who is a horse breeder and a British Duke. Sparks fly. I really enjoyed this story! I just loved this version of Edward cause I mean who can resist a hot British accent? Add in royalty and an unyielding love and you get this great story of love and mistakes that need to be overcome.

Long, Tall, Texan Bella is going to grad school in Texas and her friends decide to join her. Little do they know that she has an agenda of her own. This is a Bella/Jasper Story and although I'm normally more of a canon couple reader I truly liked the way this story was written. Bella meets Jasper and there are instant sparks. The couple must overcome Jasper's twisted past only to find themselves in a crazy situation where they have to fight to save themselves. It's chalk full of twists and turns.

His Personal Assistant Bella Swan, personal assistant to handsome, rich, successful Edward Cullen, decides to take her friends advice and make her oblivious boss fall in love with her. This story just cracked me up with all of the craziness that Bella does to get Edward to see the very clear signals she's sending. Edward is busy trying to keep himself away from Bella. This story just goes to show you that love could be right under your nose without ever knowing it. There is LOTS of interference of the good and bad variety that they have to overcome. I love Emmett and Jasper in this story - they are so willing to throw their brother under the bus simply for their own entertainment. Totally worth a read.

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