Friday, February 17, 2012

How did they even get air time?

Ok I just finished watching a show called Pop Shop on HGTV (love me some HGTV) and I have to say it left me wondering what on earth would possess anyone to hire these guys to decorate their home. In this episode They wanted to "bring the outside in" so they proceeded to bring in AstroTurf to cover up their awesome hardwood that they spent $500+ on by the way and a wooden swing that say in the middle of their living room! Did I mention that they had a child that just was learning to walk! Don't get me wrong Zilla would LOVE a swing inside but I can't say I'd share that opinion and I wouldn't want anyone spending MY money to install one and it wasn't even a nice looking swing it looked like a random piece of wood from Home Depot. Oh I forgot their "inspiration" was a merry-go-round horse that they hollowed out to install a light in it and hung over the dining room table! Yep you read that correctly they actually hung an ugly chipped paint horse over their table! I just can't get past the horse and the AstroTurf.

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