Monday, February 20, 2012

Such a boy!

MomZilla}Okay baby we're here grab your stuff.
Zilla} NOOO Mama close your door don't get out!!!!
MomZilla} Um what? Just get out of the car
Zilla} Oh Man I wanted to be the winner. Well I'll just beat you to the door, don't move.

Umm What? Gotta love it he seems to think that he's got to "win" at everything including getting out of the car! He literally runs to the door everyday just so that he can win but only after either telling me to stay there or just plain cheating by starting "before" me! 

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Bri said...

Sara and I have this issue too... however, 1st is the worst, 2nd is the best so she tells me "you go first" or asks "mom, are you buckled yet?" Sometimes I pretend to be buckled so she thinks I am "the worst" and then when she is buckled I say, "hey, listen to this."Sometimes {click} and she gets so mad that I tricked her but we always laugh about it.