Thursday, January 29, 2015

My Thoughts on Cowboy Delight

This short Novella by Cheryl Brooks is about Lauren who is on the way to meet her future in-laws for the very first time. Lauren decides to drive there on her own after her fiance, Fredrick, had to rush home to attend to his mother after she broke her ankle. Unfortunately Lauren's car breaks down in the middle of nowhere Texas and she has to walk several miles to a small town diner. The Waitress convinces Lauren that a Cowboy named Steve would be a suitable candidate to drive her to Houston because he'd be a gentlemen. Now Steve is a widower and agrees to drive Lauren to Houston while her car is being fixed. 

During their drive Lauren begins to consider if agreeing to marry Fredrick is the best idea because she has some serious and instant chemistry with Steve that she's never felt with her fiance. Steve is feeling the chemistry and certainly isn't interested in acting like a gentlemen. Things really heat up between the two and Lauren is left to decide if she is willing to give up her life (Fredrick is rolling in the dough and his dad owns the company she works for not to mention that she doesn't live in Texas!) for someone who makes her feel the way that Steve does. 

Ok I did like this book but there were a few things that bugged me. First the things that bothered me (so I can leave on a good note):

- Lauren worries an awful lot about leaving the security that Fredrick can give her and not much at all about the actual relationship. Seems like this might be related to her childhood but really the book was too short to delve into this so who knows.
- I don't really like that she seems like she wants to "try" out Steve while still keeping ole Freddy on the line. Seems unfair to both guys and I am not much one for cheating so that didn't do anything for me at all. I mean don't get me wrong I understand wanting to make sure your not giving up everything for nothing but thats still isn't right unless ALL parties are aware then they are making the choice with you but that didn't happen here.
- Lauren seems to be fine with letting Fredrick twist her into some sort of stepford type wife; she's okay with changing almost everything about herself just for security. After meeting Steve she seems more at ease with herself.
- Felt like it would have been better just being a smidge longer because she could have drawn some things out and explored their pasts a little better. It wasn't needed but I would have liked it better.
- The Butter..made me gag a little. Butter should NEVER be used as lube people!!! EVER!!!! That's all I'm saying there.
- When trying new 'things' couples really should ease into them - not use nasty lube and go full tilt. I guess in a book no one needs to prepare things.

Now the good:

- This was a short read and who doesn't love sexy cowboys? 
- That's some very sexy cowboy on that cover and that's exactly what I pictured when I think of Steve!
- I do like that Lauren was honest with Steve about her feelings regarding him and Fredrick. She should have been a little more honest with Fredrick though. 
- I also loved that Steve fully made his stance clear and went for the prize regardless - gotta love a man who knows what he wants and is willing to fight for you. 
- Little Skipper was a trip - Always makes me laugh to see big strong guys with sweet fluffy puppies.
- Loved this:
"The local women gave up on him a long time ago. Nowadays they mostly just gaze at him and drool"
"I've got a fiance waiting for me in Houston" I said as a reminder to myself "He'll be safe with me"
Kate snorted "I hope you love that man in Houston with all your heart"
"So do I" I muttered.
- "I raise delicious beef" - makes me think of a that's what she said joke LMAO
- She did acknowledge that she 'should' feel selfish about this whole thing so I guess that's something at least. 
- There was humor sprinkled in everywhere so that you could laugh at and with them. 
- Loved the drama at the end - HA take that you snobby bunch!

Overall I liked the book and will definitely check out this authors other work.

I got this book from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.

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