Friday, January 30, 2015

My Thoughts on Gluten Free Breakfast, Brunch & Beyond

I am not allergic to Gluten although I have found that I am sensitive to it and as I've said before Zilla is Autistic and all the doctors say to get off gluten ASAP for kids on the spectrum. When I saw this book I got very excited because I felt that breakfast was so limited without Gluten but Linda Amendt sure did blow that out of the water. There are a TON of awesome recipes in this book and I can't wait to make them all. Well maybe not all of them (there is a Carrot Waffle recipe!). I really liked all of the in depth information she gave in regards to the ingredients and making your meals and kitchen Gluten free. There are a lot of variations for the recipes like for example the Banana Nut Pancakes can turn into Banana Blueberry or Banana Spice or Tropical pancakes - YUM. I never thought that sweet rolls would be remotely good when you take the gluten out but I was wrong. There was also a lot of good info in the back about making your kitchen and recipes you already have gluten free.

A few things I wouldn't mind to be different: There were pictures but none of them said what they actually were and although it wasn't hard to guess I shouldn't really have had to guess. Maybe in print this wouldn't be an issue because the picture would be opposite the recipe but in my e-book copy it was annoying. I also would have really appreciated for maybe a small picture of the finished product on the page - there was plenty of room - so I know if what I'm making was huge fail or not. I also would have liked Amendt to mention using coconut oil as a substitution but it was no where to be seen. This was definitely NOT a healthy baking book though because sugar was liberally used and there were zero substitutions offered - in fact it almost seemed like she was saying that you can't cook these things without that amount of sugar. I plan to make several of these recipes and maybe I can get Zilla to eat some of them lol.

Overall a great cookbook that I will be enjoying for some time to come!!  I don't know that my waistline will say thanks but I'm sure the taste buds will lol.

I got this book from NetGalley for my honest review.

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