Sunday, January 25, 2015

My Thoughts on Reasons To Leave

I was provided a copy of this book from NetGalley for an honest review. 

Reasons to Leave by Lisa Hobman was a easy read and we all know I appreciate an easy read! It's about Stevie who is the daughter of a single mother, and abandoned by her father, she thought she had finally found a man she could trust. At age eighteen she thought she would be with Jason forever. Everything between them was perfect until the night of the leaver's ball when he disappeared without trace. Ten years on, can Stevie ever learn to trust again enough to give her heart? Or are the ghosts of her past determined to stop her from ever finding true love?

 I liked the storyline of this book a lot  but I did notice that she kinda jumped around a bit in the beginning. There were certainly some grammar issues that did grab my attention but were easy enough to ignore. There was some inconsistency regarding Stevie and Miles' marriage that bothered me a bit throuout the story. I was not a fan of Miles and didn't think it was cool that her mom interfered in her relationship like that. Stevie and Jason to me both came across as a smidge bipolar throughout the whole Book. I did very much adore the Dallas reference with Jason's nickname. I liked the setting in the story and appreciated the descriptions. I'm hoping that David doesn't cause any problems in the next book maybe Stevie will actually try to push him in Mollie's direction. I was surprised that Stevie didn't try to push David in that direction here butthen again I got the impression that Stevie didn't mind the attention. I also didn't understand why on earth Stevie didn't just explain why she wanted to stay close to her mom but then again that probably would have messed up the sequel. I didn't really appreciate the ending (hate cliffhangers) and I wanted to smack Jason a little or well actually a lot. I honestly probably won't read the next book not because this one was bad but just because it didn't grab me and I wasn't into the characters enough.

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Your book review reminded me that I should revive Movie Review Mondays... and luckily I've watched some new movies lately! So fun to be back on my blog :)