Friday, January 30, 2015

Why Your Gonna See A Bunch Of Book Reviews

At the beginning of the year I found, on the devil site aka Pinterest, a 2015 Reading Challenge that I decided to do with a friend. It's not really about the amount of books, for me anyway, as I'm already a crazy reader but I wanted to try and expand the subjects I'm reading about. So I'm going to be reading even more than I usually do - cause I'm not going to stop reading books I like just because they don't fit into that list!

As I just said I REALLY enjoy reading like seriously it's my fav hobby. Just like any single parent I heart free stuff so... I recently found a fun site that combines my fav hobby and getting free stuff, NetGalley, that allows you to sign up and get ARC (advanced reader copies) of books so that you can go and review them for the publisher. Well this wouldn't have worked out if they just handed you any old book, because I can't finish books I don't like, but NetGalley lets you pick books you think you'll like so I signed up. I have to post the reviews online for the publishers to hopefully get the word out about their books so ta da you get to see all the cool books I'm reading.

I thought about just doing certain book review days but honestly sometimes I read more than one book in a week and stuff might get backed up. Not to mention that NetGalley probably doesn't want you to sit on the review so that means I'm gonna post it whenever I finish. I'm actually going to probably end up refraining from posting about every book I read because it might be embarrassing how much time I spend reading lol. In fact this week I read the books I posted about so far plus two books I didn't get from NetGalley!

I hope someone enjoys my postings about these books and maybe you'll find a new fav author/book!!

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