Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Family Of Gamers

Zilla has become a serious gamer of late and loves all things Mario. And because my munchkin never does anything half way he has made us all into a "Family of Gamers". On a daily basis we are forced um I mean asked to play either Mario Bros, Mario Cart or Disney Infinity with him. I even managed to round up another Wii remote so that we can all play at once. I have to say that I'm pretty sure I never played with video games this much even as a kid. Zilla is in his element while playing and he really enjoys beating Mena and I every time we play. There has been plenty of yelling, trash talking and TONS of laughter in our house! As a family we've made it through World 1 and are now trying out (very poorly if I'm being honest) World 2 Level 1 but that's HARD people! I think that secretly Mena and I are hoping Zilla will just pull us through it lol. We are even planning to use our "Family of Gamers" status for our Halloween costumes. I got Zilla the Mario costume and I'm going to be making myself into a Question Mark Box with a 1up and Mena is still deciding. Zilla just adores when we are included in his fun and whats better in life than making your kid happy? Nothing!

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