Thursday, October 31, 2013

Thanksgiving Works Too

Ok well in the last post I mentioned getting Zilla a little hairy B.F.F. for his 8th Birthday. Well some interesting news came may way since that post. Zilla's Grandma has a co-worker who overheard her talking about Zilla wanting a dog and offered hers up. Apparently she has a 1 year old Male Boston Terrier that dearly missed her ex-roommates 3 kids and was getting a little depressed over it. She said that although she didn't want to get rid of him he clearly needed to be around kids and what to do you know I happen to have a kid that needs a dog! So ta-da we have a new puppy! We are picking him up the week of Thanksgiving and I just know that Zilla is going to flip his lid when he spys his new pal. I'm very excited for my sweetness and his new B.F.F. who's name is Stich (we're going to see if he'll come to Zilla's preferred name -Yoshi- though). I can't wait to see his face!

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