Thursday, October 17, 2013

Homecoming Court Got it Right

Finally some uplifting news that made me smile was in the newspaper! This past week at West Orange High School's Homecoming celebration the school voted for their Homecoming King and Queen. I know big deal every school does this each year but wait...this year was a little different. West Orange High School proudly voted in Semone Adkins as queen and Trazjuan "Bubba" Hunter was voted king of the court by their fellow students. Both students are well liked and couldn't have been happier to gets their crowns. Oh and the reason this was "different" your asking well this was news because it's the first time in Florida that two students who have Down Syndrome were both given the Homecoming Crowns!!

As the Mother of a Special Needs child this just warms my heart because it goes to prove that not all teenagers are self-absorbed and only care about themselves and their popularity. It really gives me hope that my son is growing up in a World that can see past any issues and instead can just be kind to others.

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