Thursday, October 24, 2013

He Wants A Dog

Zilla wants a dog for Christmas. Over the summer we dog-sat my Aunt's dog for a month and ever since then Zilla has begged for a dog. He wants a dog that will play with him and even sleep with him. Now Zilla doesn't have a subtle quiet bone in his sweet little body so we'd be forced to go the puppy route so that it could grow up with him and get used to his brand of awesome. I have zero want for a big dog or any surprises so that rules out a puppy from the pound and leads us right to the land of overpriced pure breeds. My Ex-MIL raises Brussels Griffon's and those would be nice but she doesn't have any litters coming anytime soon. That news got be to looking into other breeds and I'm thinking that Miniature Schnauzers might be at the top for now. Honestly I can't really say that I want to deal with a puppy at all.

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