Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tuesday Tip

Oh here's another Tuesday and I've got a tip that I really need to take to heart and I think that many will understand exactly what I mean! Ok that's enough chit chat here it is:

Take some time for yourself!

Ok I know that's not groundbreaking but sometimes, as a parent, we lose ourselves in our kids and let our life take a backseat to theirs. Besides reading I don't think I'd be able to answer the question "What do you like to do in your spare time?" with anything non-Zilla related! I don't really know if I 'outgrew' the hobbies I had Pre-Zilla or if I just don't even remember them. Now don't get me wrong I love my little monkey and it doesn't really bother me per say to spend my time either with him or thinking about him but I don't want to lose me either. I mean for goodness sakes for my computer background at work I have a scene from Mario Bros! I think I need to figure out something that I like to do (besides read) that doesn't involve my little sweetness.

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