Friday, May 15, 2009


When we were traveling Zilla made a pretty big funny! Sometimes when we are home he will pull a pillow from our room and lay his head down while telling us goodnight and pretend to sleep. Well..

We had just stopped for lunch and were back in the truck on our way to Disney. He pulled a pillow over onto his lap and said "goodnight mama, goodnight daddy, goodnight daisy, goodnight chicken nuggets" LMAO He said goodnight to the chicken nuggets that were sitting on beside him!! I'm probably not giving it justice in writing but let me tell you it was so funny I almost peed my pants! He said it so naturally like he was talking to a sibling or something. It reminded me of that Little House on the Prarie thing where they always said goodnight to johnboy. LOL


Tinna said...

Your label for this post is...

"Kids say some funny stuff" -

Well so do moms!!!

"Good night John Boy" is from The Walton's!

BOTH are great shows - Little House is being played on syndication now...haven't seen The Walton's in like forever!

Cute part is that when he said good night to the chicken nuggets...he meant it!!! Kids are so adorable and unpretentious at this age!

I can't wait to see you all soon - and get me hugs/kisses!!


John Deere Mom said...

SO cute! Do you read him Goodnight Moon? If not, you have to after that story!

Tiffany said...

Nanna ~ Um hello do you really expect me to remember those shows good enough. I said that to DZ and he didn't correct me so it's not just me thats silly I guess lol. Waltons or LHOTP - all the same to me LOL. Your right he totally meant it when he said goodnight to the nuggets - he said it just the same as he said it to me, DZ and Dasiy lol.

JDM~ He does have that book and maybe thats where he got that from - who knows with him. He's got an excellent memory so he could have gotten it from anywhere. He's a funny little thing lol.