Tuesday, May 5, 2009

New Friends

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I took Zilla over to a friends house yesterday for some playtime (for him and mommy LOL) and he had a great time! Him and her two little boys ran around like little nuts and had so much fun. Zilla got to do his beloved 'runnin' and her little boy had fun chasing him down as a dinosuar -complete with roars! Then towards the end for no apparent reason MY son hugged her little boy!! I know that sounds like a normally excepted thing for a toddler to do but well Zilla is not normal LOL. Anytime any other child has ever hugged him he stands there with a horrified expression that screams "OMG Please get off me" with his hands at his side. Well yesterday he actually hugged the little boy back - it was so cute I could have cried but I didn't mainly becuase they followed that up with pushing each other down - boys blah!


Bri said...

They had to keep some sort of dignity, right?! Lol

Tiffany said...

Bri~~ HAHA thats true I guess. They had a really good time though and the other night I saw her little boy again and he hasked me "where is my friend at?" LOL It was soo cute!